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(Deutsch) If your answer is a yes then we do have the perfect solution for you.
Keep on reading in the blog post.

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(Deutsch) Check ou this video from the drift event at Monza, Italy.
Our man Dr. D. Scorsese going in.
It gives you an idea about the people and fun besides the driving.


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(Deutsch) After Alain posted a nice report about the latest IDS round in Monza I would like to add some more nice pictures of the action there.

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Last weekend we have been drifting in Monza. Marco Bolognese was pretty quick with postproduction and so we brought the clip already to you! Enjoy and prepare yourself for a marvelous season 2011!

D1 Stella, Drift Training, 27.02.2011, Monza from Marco Bolognese, Dirt Drop Media on Vimeo.

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The team was invited to the first training session of the D1 Stella italian drifting championship in Monza, Italy. We came, we saw, we drifted.

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